Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cataract: single leading cause of blindness

Cataract is the single leading cause of blindness worldwide. A cataract is an imperfection in the clarity or a clouding of the lens of the eye.

Depending on the degree of cloudiness, cataract can cause a little blur in vision to near total loss of vision. It will be experienced by a majority of people who live to an old age. In children, some cataracts are present at birth and other develops with metabolic or systemic abnormalities.

Luckily, the disorder can usually be corrected by surgical removal of the clouded lens and if possible replacement of the old lens with a synthetic one in order to restore proper sight.
Eden 1978 defines three types of cataracts:
*Senile cataracts due to aging
*Secondary cataracts result from some other trauma or disease or excessive radiation and side effects of drugs
*Congenital cataracts Cataract classifications based on stage include: immature, mature, hypermature and morgagnian cataract.

While immature cataracts still have some transparent protein left, mature cataracts are often easily recognizable because all proteins have become opaque. Hypermature cataracts progress so far that their proteins become liquid.
Cataract: single leading cause of blindness
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